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Meet Our Graduates

We are very proud that our certified teachers are teaching yoga locally for Santa Barbara City College, UCSB Leisure Arts, YMCA, Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara Yoga Center, Santa Barbara Athletic Club, Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, Goleta Valley Athletic Club, Evergreen Learning Center, MS Society and more. We also have teachers that are working in hospitals, health clubs and yoga centers around the country and around the world.

Our 200 Hour Graduates

Pictured below, the following teachers have successfully completed all six courses (Let It Go Yoga, Basic Hatha, Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Lifestyles Yoga) and have obtained the Let It Go Yoga 200 Hour Certification. These teachers have proven to be committed to the teaching of yoga at the highest level of professionalism. We are proud to recommend each of them. You can reach them by clicking on their name:

Jordan headshot

Jordan Bourque -

Mary Bickel

Mary Bickel -

Gel Yambao

Gel Yambao - Bio

Sarah Dietz

Sarah Dietz - Bio


Roberta Hewson

Jo Boreta

Jo Boreta

Melanie Gordon

Melanie Gordon

Nancy Roman

Nancy Roman - bio

Stella Kovacs

Stella Kovacs - bio

Francine Kirsch

Francine Kirsch

Megan headshot

Megan McCaffrey -

Eric headshot

Eric Kirsch - MaraVilla / Santa Barbara

Molly Penette

Molly Pennette - Goleta ValleyAthletic Club, Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, Special Needs Yoga / Goleta


Michele Landegger - Bio


Mary Elizabeth Lincoln - Private Classes - Ventura YMCA

Janelle Parsons

Janelle Parsons - Private Classes, Pasadena, CA

E. Bonnie Lewis

E. Bonnie Lewis - Bio - Santa Barbara City College, Yoga Soup - Santa Barbara, CA

Vonda Roberts

Vonda Roberts - Bio - Santa Barbara, CA

Emily Parsons - Bio - Yoga Kids at Evergreen School

Indra Strong

Indra Strong - Bio - Yoga for Kids - Goleta, CA

Dawn O'Bar Dawn O'Bar logo

Dawn O'Bar - Bio - Private & Group Classes - Santa Barbara Athletic Club - Santa Barbara, CA

Darcy Ritzau

Darcy Ritzau - Bio - Private Classes - Goleta, CA

Andrea Zelcer

Andrea Zelcer - Bio - Private Classes

John Keating

John Keating - Bio - Private Classes - Santa Barbara, CA

Rosabeth Dorfhuber

Rosabeth Dorfhuber - Bio - Santa Barbara City College - Yoga for Athletes - Private and Group Classes - Carpinteria, CA

Felicia Paige Williams

Felicia Paige Williams, Private and Group Classes - Yoga Soup - Santa Barbara, CA

Sue Hillyard

Sue Hillyard - Bio - Private and Group Classes - Los Alamos, CA

Lauren Parsons headshot

Lauren Parsons - Bio - Private & Group Classes - Los Angeles, CA

Marianne Madsen

Marianne Madsen - Bio - Private & Group Classes Lompoc, CA

Patty Van Yssledyk

Patty Cardellino - Private Classes - Johnstown, PA


Additional Certified Teachers

The following certified teachers have completed one or more courses of training. Some are in the process of continuing their training and some have specialized in a certain style of yoga. To contact them, click on their name for their email address:

Danielle Aubuchon - Alternative Fitness / Santa Barbara

Corinne Aulakh - Group Classes / Costa Rica

Kiran Aulakh - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Maggy Anderson - Private Classes

Susan Baar - Private Classes / Goleta

Meleth (Lark) Batteau-Bailey - Group Classes Unitarian Church / Santa Barbara

Bobbi Bennett - Private Classes / Ojai

Yoni Berk - UCSanta Barbara, Yoga Soup / Santa Barbara

Ned Bixby - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Ruth Blacksea - Sacramento

Dirk Blocker - Alternative Fitness / Santa Barbara

Jo Boreta - Private Classes / Gotela

Carmen Boulton - Private Classes/ San Diego

Michael Bresnahan - Private Classes / Isla Vista

Danielle Brown - Private Classes / Camarillo

Irma Burr - Colibri Discoveries / McAllen, TX 78504

Scott Carrick - Private Classes / Isla Vista

Chantelle - The Biltmore Hotel / Santa Barbara

Cindy Cline - Private & Group Classes / Santa Barbara

Julie Clyde - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Rosie Connaway - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Beth Connolly - Private Classes / Summerland

Angela Costolo - Corporate Yoga / New Hampshire

Jacqueline Dearth - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Carol Dehler - Smiling Cat Yoga / Goleta

Cecilia De La Garza -

Micky De Silva -

Meghan Dolmat - Private Classes / Goleta

Natasha Dorfhuber - Private Classes / San Diego

Adriana Drabkin -

MariCarmen A. Elizalde O. - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Nisahna Engel - Private & Group Classes / Ventura

Christina Fior - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Gerri French - Samsum Clinic / Santa Barbara

Kaya Fried - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Tracy Goforth - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Robert Gomez - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Melanie Gordon - Santa Barbara Yoga Center / Goleta Valley Athletic Club

Marcia Gray - Bronfman Family Jewish Community Center / Santa Barbara

Sara Guthrie - Private and Group Classes / Santa Barbara

Diana Hernandez - Private Classes / Ventura

Jolene Hedges - Oregon

Roberta Hewson - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Kim Pegram Hudson - Bacliff, TX

Emilda Jachard - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Jean John - Santa Barbara YMCA / Santa Barbara

Julie Johnson - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Sunny Jung - Spectrum Health Club / Santa Barbara

Jaan Karsh - UCSanta Barbara, Santa Barbara YMCA / Santa Barbara

Elie Kazenson - Private Classes / Isla Vista

Alexandra King - Private & Group Classes / Santa Barbara

Terri Klobucher - Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club / Goleta

Adam Knight Private Classes / San Diego

Colleen Knowles - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Emilda Jachard - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Emily Lawson - Santa Barbara YMCA / Santa Barbara

Shannon Le Mintier - Group Classes / Atlanta

Maya Liss - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Todd Lincoln - Private Classes / Ventura

Penni Louise - Private Classes / Colorado

Selena Lorigo - Goleta Valley Athletic Club / Goleta

Erica Martin Del Campo - Claremont - Private Classes (English/Spanish)/ Los Angeles

Margarita Martin Del Campo - Private Classes (English/Spanish) Santa Barbara

Sally McNally - Ventura Yoga Studio

Mishaela Meadows - SBCC Yoga Club / Santa Barbara

Ricardo Mercado - Guadalupe YMCA

Mary Mehrkens - Group Classes / Isla Vista

Faith Merritt - Private Classes / Carpinteria

Marcia Meier - Private & Group Classes / Santa Barbara & Goleta

Kathleen Moloney-Reddington / Montecito YMCA, Private Classes / Carpenteria

John Mutenelli - Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club / Goleta

Jessie Newell - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

MaryAnn Newhouse - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Kary O'Brien - Private Classes / Goleta

Carina Paladini - Santa Barbara YMCA / Santa Barbara

Paris - Spectrum / Thousand Oaks

Emily Parsons - Private Classes / Goleta

Jessica Parsons - Goleta Valley Community Center / Goleta

Anne Marie Perez - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Maria Peterson

Gloria Peyrat - MS Society / Santa Barbara

Tracy Poe-Wells - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Sherise Prince - Private Classes / Marina Del Rey & Santa Barbara

Arlene Ramirez - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Chava Riley - Private & Group Classes / Santa Barbara

Dana Lorelei Rock - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Mary Ross - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Christiana Rudolph - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Tracy Schmidt - Santa Barbara YMCA / Santa Barbara

Suzie Schonauer - Santa Barbara

Lynn Shively -

Loretta Smargon - Evergreen Learning Center / Goleta

Chris Spranger - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Charnee Stevenson - Santa Barbara YMCA / Santa Barbara

Johanna Schlabs - Private Classes / Germany

Arianna Thorne - Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, DiviniTree

Anji Trujillo - Private Classes / Santa Barbaraa

Rachel Walsh -

Betsy Watson - Private Classes / Montecito

Carol Whitehead - Via Verde Retirement, Santa Barbara Athletic Club / Santa Barbara

Patsy Geena Williams - Private Classes / Ventura

Lerin Winter - Private Classes / Santa Ynes

Rina Winter - Private Classes / Santa Barbara

Lani Wollschlager - Goleta Valley Athletic Club / Goleta,

Santa Barbara Athletic Club / Santa Barbara

Barbara Won - UCSB

Michele Zontine - San Francisco

Yoga for Santa Barbara and Goleta, California.